Lose Weight without Dieting

Have you been battling with your weight for awhile? Have you heard the phrase “lose weight without dieting”? You may not believe this but there really are efficient ways to lose weight without dieting. Anybody can do these things no matter what their health condition is or what their financial situation is. You do not have to join a club, or but meals, or do weigh ins. One of the most efficient ways to lose weight without dieting is to increase your water intake. You are supposed to be drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water a day. Those should be eight ounce glasses. Most people do not drink half this amount of water on a daily basis and the water can help you to lose the extra pounds.

So start having an eight ounce glasses of water every couple of hours each day. You will lose some weight, you will be less hungry, and your body will be more hydrated so you will have less wrinkles. Water is an amazing weight loss tool. Stop using the elevator when you go places that have one. Instead you should opt to climb the stairs. The exercise will help to burn off any excess calories you have taken in that day and if you work in a building with stairs or live in a building with stairs you could burn off the extra pounds you are carrying without ever changing what you eat or when you eat it. Getting busy is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight without dieting. The newest fad in the gaming world are the gaming consoles like the Wii, and the Play station moves that allows the player to stand up and actively participate in the games they are playing. Get one of these systems and one of the dance games where you follow the dance movements displayed on the screen. These are great cardiovascular workouts and they are fun to do. You really will not realize you are exercising and you will lose weight.

Dancing is a great form of exercise and it is a lot more fun than a treadmill. Another great way to increase your exercise is to stop parking as close to the door of the store as you can get. Park a little farther way and save those up close parking spaces for the little old ladies. The added steps will do you a world of good. You will not only start to notice your clothing fits better but exercise helps to correct problems like constipation, and helps to make you feel better. The more you move the more you want to move. A body in motion tends to stay in motion so the people who exercise will stay active much longer than the couch potatoes will. One efficient way to lose weight without dieting is to cut some of those empty calories from your daily caloric intake. I know you are thinking that sounds like the definition of diet but actually you are going to do a simple lifestyle change.

It takes 3500 calories to make one pound of body fat. So in order for you to lose one pound you must reduce the amount of food you normally eat by that amount of calories. This can be easily done by simply shaving off five hundred calories per day and in seven days you will have eliminated 3500 calories from your diet. This practice in conjunction with the increased activity can have you losing approximately two pounds per week. Doctors recommend this amount of weight loss because it is easier for people to keep it off when they lose it slowly and it is easier for them to get their muscle tone back when the weight loss is gradual. You do not have to deny yourself all goodies just make some simple exchanges. Buy the reduced fat peanut butter, salad dressing, margarine, and things like this. You can stop having the coffee drink that has whipped cream, caramel, and all the fixings. Taking off the whipped cream alone will save you more than 500 calories per week. So only have this on occasion. Try a turkey sandwich instead of a hamburger just one day a week and you may also be surprised at the number of pounds you will drop.